Ecossystems Regeneration Camp

A holistic agrosilvopastoral approach

November 13 to 17 – 2017

Campo do Vale
Projecto Novas Descobertas

9:30 – 12:30 / 14:00 – 17:30
(program below)

Portuguese / English

Min. 10 // Max.30


Tel: 282 697 862
Mob: 960 387 350

NOTICE:This event is now full (sorry!) but if you click “JOIN NOW” button and fill the attached form, we will put you on the wait list for the next available space.

In the northwest part of Quinta do Vale da Lama, similar to what has been developed in the southwest part, we are regenerating a “Dryland Mix Orchard” crossing it with approaches that are easily interconnected with such landscape management, such as holistic rotational grazing systems, rainwater harvesting methods, keyline planning, application of biofertilizers and soil improvement, management of permanent pasture, live fences, forage banks, etc.

During this Ecosystem Regeneration Camp we invite you to join us in sharing knowledge and experiences in the recreation of agro-forestry systems in order to revitalize one of the landscape units of Quinta do Vale da Lama. This week will have a strong practical component in which themes will be addressed as we intervene in the landscape.


For all interested in dryland systems regeneration in mediterranean landscapes, including mixed dry-fruit orchards, native reforestation projects and transition zones (including swales and HugelKultur). Foot soldiers from the Reflorestar Portugal project are especially welcome :-) Know the movement here.

NB: This is a free event, and capacity is limited to 30max., so in order to reserve your place, you must click the “JOIN NOW” button above and fill out the linked application form. The first 30 apps received will be confirmed (the rest will have to be wait-listed).


Hugo Oliveira from OrlaDesign, Bonggi Ibarrondo from Reforest-Accion and the Team of Quinta Vale da Lama.


Food – vegetarian meals. (If you have specific needs, please inform when filling the form).

Accomodation – camping with basic amenities. (If you have special needs, contact us (, we have some solutions).

What to bring – Tent (we have some tents for those who don’t mind sharing). Bring outerwear (boots, sweater and rain-gear advised), flashlight, gloves and anything else you might need for comfort.


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