Our Animals

Our greatest helpers in the mission of regenerating our land.

Our farm is home to three kinds of animals:

Donkeys, Sheep and Chickens

They serve us by helping maintain and improve the health of our soils, and a healthy soil means healthy plants, which means better quality veggies and orchards.

Our animals follow a system of grazing called Holistic Planned Grazing. Which is an improved and more efficient way to regenerate the land using animals and the seasons.

Our animals are treated with respect and love. However, sometimes we need to maintain balance witihin the heard and ease the animals when they start suffering from old age. Life and death are a natural cycle, so when it makes sense and the time comes, the animals are put down.

Apart from the sheep, donekys and chickens we often encounter many birds, hedgehogs, country rats, geckos, toads and wild rabbits that we love to observe from a far.

Find out more about each animal: their purpose, their needs and how they graze below.

Our Donkeys

Kiko & Cegonha

Our Sheep

25 “weeding woolies”

Our Chickens

Nomadic Laying Ladies

What is Holistic grazing?

Why do we have animals?

Find out more about why we are using animals to regenerate the land.

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