Using our farm as an example, the intern will learn how various Permaculture systems interact with each other, such as holistic grazing, agrosilvopastoralism, and food forests.
The intern will also work with numerous types of compost and natural fertilizer systems.

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Learning Outcomes:

General animal care of chickens, donkeys and sheep including:
        – Paddock selection and preparation
        – Grazing rotation
        – General observation of animal’s health
        – Manure collection (donkeys)
        – Hoof trimming (sheep)
        – Assisting in shearing (sheep)

— Compost
— Food scrap management
— Vermiculture
— Humanure and dry compost toilets
— Animal compost
— Fertilizers and micro-organisms
— Planting nitrogen fixers
— Landscaping
— Food forest management and harvest
— Vineyard and wine production
— General farm maintenance

*Please be advised that learning outcomes are dependent on what is needed on the farm. QVdL will do its best to accommodate the learning desires of the intern, however these learning outcomes are ultimately defined by the work which is needed to be done on the farm.

A day in the life of an Holistic Farm Care Intern

7:00am Wake up and have some breakfast.

7:10am  Wake up for real and grab some breakfast.

8:00am  Go to the tractor shed to meet up with your mentor.
Have a quick chat about the day’s work which is pruning in the vineyard, but first you head off to rotate the animals.

10:00am A quick break for some food picked right from the food forest.
After the break you go to the vineyard and start pruning the vines.

12:00pm  Head back to Lama Village.
You’re not part of the Cooking Team today so you get your weekly chores done (cleaning out the common area of the interns).

12:45pm  Lunch with all the interns.

1:45pm’ish  Clean your plates and tidy up the kitchen.

3:00pm Flexible time.
You mentor stops by and says that some of the sheep have runny noses and it’s starting to become a concern. He asks if you could spend the afternoon researching causes of the illness and possible remedies.

6:00pm  Hang out in the Lama Village listening to your fellow interns discuss world issues.

7:00pm  You’re on the Cooking Team, so you take care of dessert, making a pie with peaches you picked from the food forest.

8:00pm  Dinner.

9:00pm Head to the fire pit with your guitar and the other interns for a Fireside.

11:00pm Go to bed.

About the internship

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Application page

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