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GESTÃO DE CAMPOS DE FÉRIAS: a resposta a muitos “ e como? ” (PT)


This article is written in Portuguese

Os campos de férias são uma ótima resposta na criação de oportunidades para cultivar junto de crianças e jovens uma atitude ecológica efetiva, resultado da vivência autêntica de se estar e ser natureza. No tempo passado ao ar livre, o contato com os elementos naturais faz crescer a atenção e ligação ao mundo natural. Pés descalços nas diversas texturas do chão que nos sustenta, o acompanhar do sol do nascer ao seu pôr, o sentir da brisa refrescante e dos ventos do final de dia, as noites deitados na relva a olhar o céu estrelado…

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Tree-Huggers Delight

King Carob
King Carob Tree (restored), on the monte

One of my favorite winter activities (and i’m sure some of you tree-huggers out there can relate) is: hacking into the jungle that has grown up around a great-but-neglected old tree, and restoring the throne to its proper owner.

Of course i’m speaking figuratively, but in the case of this old carob tree pictured above, which stands atop the rocky outcrop that caps our “monte,” the purple prose is perhaps justified.
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YearEnd Planting Party

Mãos na massa

Maybe because of the weather -winter rain&cold having not yet come, but showers in the forecast for our last working Friday of the year- our gang decided to forgo the usual banquet at a restaurant, opting instead to have a potluck picnic & planting party in what is to be our farm’s new receiving area (south-east entrance off the municipal road).
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Celebrating the Ecosystem Regeneration Camp

Last week, Quinta do Vale da Lama was the stage for an Ecosystem Regeneration Camp, that welcomed around 30 greatly motivated and skilled participants for a hands-on applied land-based learning venture around the implementation of a Water-Wise Dryland Regeneration Strategy co-designed by the Land Owner and OrlaDesign for the North upper slope of the farm.
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PND Fund raising Christmas Supper Club

Join the PND family in a relaxing Christmas program at the Eco Resort at Quinta do Vale da Lama, 9th of December, for a night full of fun! Come and contribute in this fund raising program for the associations educational programes and warm your heart amongst friends. This year for every dinner sold, we offer a tree to be planted.

Where? Casa Vale da Lama Eco-Resort.
How much? 30€ per person (50% reverts directly to the association.)

Make here your reservation. :)
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A Co-created Landscape Design Moment!

To begin the design process for the North-Slope of the rain-fed part of the farm, an area that wishes to become an innovated Agro-silvo-pastoral system (Pomar Misto de Sequeiro) that proves truly regenerative within the Mediterranean drylands, a co-design moment with the staff members & owners of Quinta do Vale da Lama was facilitated this summer by OrlaDesign for the WaterWise Dryland Regeneration project.

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