Bruno and Gabriela: Sweet Spot Café new “Chefs”

Bruno and Gabriela are the new members of Casa Vale da Lama. The two will prepare delicious meals at the Sweet Spot (which has already opened to the public, we advise you to make reservation first). Get to know them:

Bruno Ferraz
I am Bruno Ferraz a lover of cooking and travel. My professional career was always around the world’s gastronomy, I started taking a cooking course and pastry and then I was always working in the hotel business. During these 10 years I have traveled through 65 countries always discovering new flavours, cultures and experiences. And in the last 4 years I have changed my lifestyle, I found the world of vegetarian and permaculture cuisine and I met my love Gabriela Kryslova. This change helped me find the essence of gastronomy with nature, in a simple way and with a lot of respect and connection to Mother Earth. At this moment I feel very happy to be part of the Vale da Lama team, and I will be the Chef of Sweet Spot. For me Sweet Spot will be a space where I will bring my passion of cooking and respect for the seasonal, local and Organic ingredients. Waiting for you with that smile, see you soon!

Gabriela Kryslova
I am Gabriela Kryslova, since I was a child I always lived surrounded by Nature. I lived in a village with 25 people and many animals in the mountains and forests of the Czech Republic. I worked for 20 years in bio agriculture, treating animals and preserving the forest with my Family. During these years my conscience was the search for answers to help and respect nature more, and in this journey I found vegetarian cooking and pastry, permaculture with a PDC and some trips through some eco villages and communities. And in the last 4 years I have found a new passion that is the kitchen and the trips because of a person who is Bruno Ferraz. At the moment I am working at Casa Vale da Lama where I am very happy to find: vegetarian cuisine, permaculture, animals, vegetable gardens, herbs and medicinal herbs always connected to my roots.