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Kombucha with Grape Juice, Mint and Lemon

This refreshing combination can be the perfect appetizer or part of your mid afternoon snack.
We will use grape juice concentrate Do Vale as a sweetener ( you can use apple juice instead) and we will give it a little freshness and acidity with the classic combo: lemon and mint.
Kombucha on its own can sometimes not appeal to the less experienced palates, and this is one of the many ways to receive it’s benefits whilst e enjoying a delicious drink.

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Scrambled eggs With Fava beans and Water cress salad

Today we present to you a simple dish with roots in both algarve and Maghreb culture.
We will make a type of fava bean pesto from North Africa, scrambled edges with labne (optional- it is a kind of iogurte from the Middle East) and sautéed peeled fava beans .
An appreciation to one of the most interesting ingredients of spring season.

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