Community in the time of Corona

At the weekend changeover of interns this march we had no idea that our community would almost double for the foreseeable future. In that short space of time Spain started to close its borders with the rest of Europe in response to the escalating threat of the new Corona virus. Europe was rapidly shutting down. Dean who left early in his motorhome barely made it to the ferry to his home in Majorca. Ale’s mother advised him to stay as Spain went into lockdown.

Hugo, visiting briefly from Porto, was unhappy to make the return journey as cases soared in the north. Leila’s flight to Germany was cancelled. In the meantime all our new intake had managed to arrive safely. In that one short weekend everything changed. Instead of watching the situation in China from afar we had become actors on the stage. So interesting times ahead. Locked down on 43 hectares of gently rolling farmland by the sea we are luckier than many. All in good health we now have the opportunity to put some Permaculture Principles into action eg. ” The problem is the solution ” for one as well as David Holmgren’s very apt ” Use and creatively respond to change.”

This situation though deadly serious for the global community carries within it the seed of a great opportunity for a better regenerative world in the future.

by Lesley Martin, Experienced Permaculture Teacher and Community Resident.

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