Introduction To Sociocracy 3.0 Course

April 5 to 7 – 2018

Campo do Vale
Projecto Novas Descobertas
Quinta Vale da Lama
Odiáxere – Lagos

Portuguese / English



PND OFFICE: 282 697 862

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Join us to explore the extraordinary co-creative potential of people collaborating together and discover how to grow more integrated, interdependent and humane organizations.

Non-profit organizations – social enterprises, charities, intentional communities, networks, movements, etc – attract people motivated by personal calling to serve a shared purpose, with great potential to co-create and have a meaningful impact in the world. However, regardless of context, collaboration brings both opportunity and challenges and the non-profit sector is no exception.

Sociocracy 3.0 (S3) is a flexible, modular practical guide; a set of principles and practical tools for growing dynamic, learning organizations that optimize value creation through collaboration.

It builds on sociocratic practices, reflects fundamentals of Non-Violent Communication and integrates principles from Agile / Lean, to provide a rich variety of compatible options to choose from and adapt, according to unique context and needs.

S3 acts as a “social technology” for raising self-accountability and participation. It supports distribution of power to all, within interconnected domains, freeing people up to decide and act. It facilitates co-creativity, fosters transparency and enables the potential for equivalence of all concerned.

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- Discover what Sociocracy 3.0 is and how its various patterns provide a menu of options for organizations wishing to build resilience, adaptability and effectiveness.
- Learn about underlying issues that stand in the way of effective collaboration and ways to overcome them.
- Understand and practice consent decision making and learn why it’s an effective alternative to consensus or command-and-control approaches to decision making in organizations.
- Develop personal and inter-personal skills that increase your ability to make a positive contribution in collaboration with others
- Discover practices to improve meeting effectiveness, draw on the collective intelligence of groups, and guarantee the potential for equivalence in decision making.
- Develop a “solutions focused” attitude and explore the creative opportunities lying buried at the heart of seemingly challenging situations.

After completing the course, you will be able to apply some of what you have been learning in your organizations and/or with your customers and clients.

As well as a thorough exploration of practical tools, practices and structures that facilitate effective collaboration, this learning journey will also touch on the topic of habitual and cultural patterns of behaviour in groups and examines how S3 patterns can help to transform challenges in collaboration into opportunities to innovate, learn and grow.

Our journey together will consist of a balanced programme combining theory, demonstration, practice and reflection.


Liliana David serves internationally providing consultation, learning facilitation and mentoring to organizations that wish to develop greater effectiveness and equivalence in collaboration. She combines a background in communications and business administration with her growing experience as a co-developer and learning facilitator of Sociocracy 3.0.

James Priest serves internationally, providing organizational development consultancy, learning facilitation and mentoring for people wishing to evolve collaborative, adaptive organizations at scale. Co-founder and developer of Sociocracy 3.0, he combines extensive experience of sociocracy with 15 years practice in the fields of holistic organizational development, facilitative leadership and personal and relational transformation.


Food – 3 vegetarian meals per day plus snacks and tea/coffee. If you have specific dietary needs, please inform when filling the form and we will try to accomodate.

Accommodation – camping in tents with hot showers and indoor bathrooms. (If you have special needs, contact us (, we have some solutions.


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