Building Internship

Interns will learn carpentry and building techniques. Whether it is putting the final touches on a piece of furniture or building a solid foundation for an earth house, this internship is about creating quality work in a safe environment.

With their mentor, the intern will spend time in both our carpentry shop and out in the field learning how to design, layout and build a variety of projects. The intern will experience building science firsthand.

Learning Outcomes include:

Carpentry and wood working
Timber framing
Furniture making
Natural building materials such as wattle and daub
Basic design techniques including 3-D modeling
Building Layout
How to properly measure, cut and assemble various materials
Using portable power tools
Using shop tools
Building science
Proper building safety.

*Please be advised that learning outcomes are dependent on what is needed on the farm. VDL will do its best to accommodate the learning desires of the intern, however these learning outcomes are ultimately defined by the work which is needed to be done on the farm.

A Day in the Life of a Building Intern

7:45AM Wake up and grab some breakfast.
8:00AM Go to Carpentry and meet your mentor.
Today you’re going to be sanding and finishing a new dining table for Village Vale da Lama. You and your mentor start sanding.
10:00AM Have a quick break for some food.
Now that the table is sanded you stain it with Tung Oil and leave it to dry. You then quickly clean up the shop.
12:00PM Head back to the Lama Village.
It’s your day on the Cooking Team so you prepare a meal for yourself and the other interns.
12:45PM Have lunch with all the interns.
1:45PMish Clean your plates and tidy up the kitchen.
3:00PM Study time.
Your mentor has given you some online tutorials to do with 3-D modeling. You finish those early and spend some time researching more about Tung Oil.
6:00PM The interns have been invited to a yoga session at the eco-resort. You decide to participate.
7:00PM The other Cooking Team creates dinner for you.
8:00PM Dinner.
9:00PM As it’s raining you and the other interns stay in and watch a movie.
11:00PM Bed-time.