Farm Product Transformation Internship

This internship focuses on transformation. Interns will learn how to create food and natural products using raw materials from our farm.

Working alongside their mentor, interns will harvest their own raw materials straight from the farm and then transform them into a variety of products. Our Farm Product Kitchen is a dedicated kitchen to this internship and a place to experiment, explore and learn. The intern and mentor will then take these products to market.

With access to its own kitchen and a wide variety of raw material to choose from, this internship is full of possibilities.

Learning Outcomes include:

Harvesting techniques
Proper raw material storage and preservation
Product transformation
Soap making
Aromatic herbs
Dried fruit
Fermented foods (ie Kombucha, Kimchi, Sauerkraut)
Strategies for establishing and leveraging markets for your products
How to interact with different markets, from direct supply, to farmers markets and other suppliers.

*Please be advised that learning outcomes are dependent on what is needed on the farm. VDL will do its best to accommodate the learning desires of the intern, however these learning outcomes are ultimately defined by the work which is needed to be done on the farm.

A Day in the Life of a Farm Product Transformation Intern

7:30AM Wake up and grab some breakfast.
8:00AM Go to the Farm Products Kitchen and meet your mentor.
Have a quick chat about the day’s work which is soap making.
Help your mentor prepare the soap mixture.
10:00AM Have a quick break for some food and chat about the possibilities of fermented foods and soap.
Back to work as you finish mixing the soaps and set them out to dry.
12:00PM Head back to the Lama Village.
You’re not part of the Cooking Team today so you relax with Chill ( one of the farm dogs).
12:45PM Have lunch prepared by your fellow interns.
1:45PMish Clean your plates and tidy up the kitchen.
3:00PM Study time.
You decide to research more into fermented foods and soap making. You can’t find anything on that subject but you do come across a RAW chocolate recipe using carob, figs and almonds, all of which are found on the farm. You decide to share it with your mentor, who is enthusiastic about the idea.
6:00PM You take part in a music jam with your fellow interns.
7:00PM You’re on the Cooking Team so you create dinner for your fellow interns. You accompany the dinner with the latest Kimchi and Kombucha from the Farm Products Kitchen.
8:00PM Dinner.
9:00PM You are involved in a games night organized with the other interns. Your team loses miserably. It’s okay because the stakes weren’t high.
11:00PM Sleep.