Organic Market Gardening Internship

This internship focuses on small-scale organic growing. Using our established market garden interns learn how to plan their garden layout, make beds, plant a variety of crops, plan what goes where, prepare for a bumper harvest, sell in the market and much more.

This is the organic market gardening experience from garden layout to market.

Learning Outcomes include:

Garden design, planning and layout
Tools, resources and other considerations
Propagating healthy seedlings
Bed preparation
Soil fertility and management
Harvesting, washing and preparing produce
Proper use of Bio Effectors
Irrigation strategies
Plant monitoring
Strategies for establishing and leveraging markets for your produce
How to grow and interact with markets, from direct supply of our cafe to farmers markets and other suppliers

*Please be advised that learning outcomes are dependent on what is needed on the farm. VDL will do its best to accommodate the learning desires of the intern, however these learning outcomes are ultimately defined by the work which is needed to be done on the farm.

A Day in the Life of an Organic Market Gardening Intern

7:00AM Wake up and hit snooze.
7:10AM Wake up for real and grab some breakfast.
8:00AM Go to the White House and meet your mentor.
Have a quick chat about the day’s work which is harvesting vegetables for the weekly market.
As you harvest, your mentor and you keep a log of quantity and quality of each item.
10:00AM Have a quick break for some food, and then back to work.
You finish loading the truck and grab some produce for lunch.
12:00PM Head back to Lama Village.
It’s your day on the Cooking Team so you help prepare the meal for yourself and the other interns. The salad is made from food you harvested from the garden.
12:45PM Lunch with all the interns.
1:45PMish Clean your plates and tidy up the kitchen.
3:00PM As you’ll be helping with the market you have the afternoon off.
5:30PM Head into town with your mentor to set up for the weekly market
6:30PM You and your mentor manage the Vale da Lama stall at the weekly market taking orders, balancing the books and distributing produce.
7:30PM Dinner at the market.
9:00PM Pack up the market stall.
10:30PM Arrive back at Lama Village and find that the other interns have saved you dessert.
11:00PM Collapse in your bed.