Regenerative Agriculture

As opposed to degenerative agricultural processes that extract more from natural ecosystems than they contribute, agriculture as practiced at Q.VdL is fundamentally oriented to regenerating the health of our bodies and lands and economy, via three interrelated operations:

Hortas do Vale – Community Supported Agriculture

- Regenerating our own health, nourished essentially from plants grown on-farm or locally, without any chemical inputs;
- CSA (Community Supported Agriculture):
- “nearest to farthest” strategy: reducing food miles, shortening supply lines.
- FarmToFork experience, fundamentally participative: the closer we are to the source of our nourishment, the healthier and happier we will be.

Extensive Agrosilvopastoral Systems

Regenerating our soil, water and energy resources via two essential strategies:
- AgroForestry: reforesting our lands via mixed plantation of native and adapted (i.e. drought-tolerant) species that yield Mediterranean fruits and fodder for animals;
- Holistic Planned Grazing: (using cattle on extensive lowlands, chickens sheep and donkeys on the slopes) to maintain our grasslands and facilitate the transition from annual to perennial species..

Product Transformation

With minimal input of renewable resources -mainly sun, joyful work and time (i.e. fermentation):

- We transform our Mediterranean fruits and vegetables into tasty and marketable products;
- In developing and promoting such products, we celebrate the richness and diversity of local ecosystems, bringing it to the appreciation of a wider public through the AgroTourism enterprise that is the basis of our economy.