Permaculture in Vale da Lama

Further to an article in this issue of “Permaculture Magazine” (see PM#91, Spring 2017, article “Regenerative Farming” by Walt Ludwick), this page is to elaborate on some of the topics merely touched-on in that article, not necessarily known to all “Permies”, such as:
- Ecological Tools: like HugelKultur, Holstic Planned Grazing, AgroEcologia;
- Economic Tools:, such as Business Model Canvas, CSA, Holistic Management;
- Cultural Tools: DragonDreaming, Sociocracy, Holacracy, S3, WorldCafé, Forum.

Links above point to external sources, but for more on our understanding & application of these tools, click on the sections below.

This page should also serve as a primer for partners of the farm and others interested to know “the way we do things around here”. It reflects the extent to which, since hosting our first PDC (Permaculture Design Course) in 2008, we have applied the tools of Permaculture on our farm, as well as the particular focus and limitations inherent in our context. Links have been inserted wherever possible to those sources of information that we have found most helpful to our own application.

This is a living document, subject to ongoing edits. To whatever extent information herein falls short, please email the author, who will try to answer the need.

Within the scope of a one-page overview, this is the best we can provide right now (updates to follow soon; stay tuned!). For those who want to know more AND engage in a more active way, we offer the following:

This Practical PDC (Permaculture Design Course), running from June 1-14 and October 6-20, 2019, delivers the international standard 72-hour certificate program, with added practical elements to facilitate deeper learning of applicable skills. Moreover: graduates become eligible to apply for internships following the course. To learn more, click banner above.