Organic market garden

Regenerative Organic Vegetables

The Organic Market Garden is the place where all our vegetables and herbs come from.

Our gardens are certified organic and utilize regenerative practices and water-saving systems to grow high quality produce.

We believe that regenerating our own health, begins essentially in our food. Transitioning to a sustainable way of eating can be simply choosing localy grown veggies. By supporting local growers you are not only supporting your own health, but also your community and help fight climate change.

All the prodcue is  grown on-farm without any chemical inputs with the added magic of living soils – this where the power of regeneration lies because healthy soils promote adequate produce nutrition and balanced ecosystems.

You are one Veggie Box away from falling in love with weird vegetables.

” The best strawberries of my life! And the freshest tastiest veggies. I am always so happy to pick-up my veggie box and see the people behind it all and the place where it all grows with so much care.

So good, so wholesome. Values are aligned with mine and that makes me super happy to support these guys! “

Jenny H.

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” Best veggies for my restaurant! Fresh delivery, beautiful micro-greens and the most delicious cucumbers i have ever had. Highly reccomend their veggie box subscription. These guys know what their doing 🙂 “


Ben J. (Food from the Soul - Lagos)

Where you can find our produce:

Viv'o Mercado - Lagos

Organic Farmer’s Market in Lagos +info

Every Wednesday from 14:00 to 20:00.


Hortelã-Pimenta Bio Shop - Lagos

Organic Grocery Store in Lagos +info

Every day from 10:00 to 18:00.


Mercado do Levante - Lagos

Traditional Farmer’s Market in Lagos +info

Every Saturday from 8:00 to 14:00.



+351 926 552 735

Meet Our Team

Cláudio Matos

Agriculture Engineer

Head Manager at Organic Market Gardens

Studied Food Production Science and Agriculture Engeneering.
He is a “freak of nature” working passionately and tirelessly on the gardens while being a perferctionist about the vegetables quality and the soil’s health.
He is passionate about nutrition and health and aims to one day be able to nourish himself and our community exclusively with food from our farm. 


Catarina Joaquim

Agriculture Engineer

Developer at Organic Market Gardens

Studied Agriculture Engineering and Oraganic & Sustaibale Agriculure Systems
A true scholar on our farm, helping us from the start of each season with planning, organizing, methodologies, systems and much more. Her wisdom has perfected the quality of our vegetables while increasing our revenew. She aims for our gardens to become a landmark of quality, sustainability and regeneration. 

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