Our Chickens

The ‘nomadic’ laying hens are the closest neighbors of Casa Vale da Lama and a classic example of good permaculture design at the farm.

They are fed with the daily organic kitchen scraps from Casa Vale da Lama’s Restaurant and supplemented with organic feed.

They are ‘nomadic’, because their home is on wheels, literally. With the help of a sun-powered electric fence and the wheeled coop we can easily move them around the orchard every few days.


This ensures the soil is not over scratched, and keeps it fertile, rich and therefore keeps the trees healthy and growing delicious oranges.

This system utilizes minimal efforts to produce and keep up with the seasonal demand of fresh orange juice, as well as farm fresh organic eggs for the special dishes at Casa Vale da Lama Restaurant.

Their loving faces and gentle sounds are fascinatingly entertaining when touring and walking the grounds of Quinta Vale da Lama – give them a visit!

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