Our donkeys

Donkeys have a strong connection to traditional old-time farms here in the Algarve, being working animals for carrying heavy cargo, pulling carts and ploughing the soils.

But here at our farm the donkeys don’t work; they graze peacefully in our fields and enjoy a confortable life. 

They are moslty grass fed altough in this dry climate, like the sheep, we must supplement with straw bales and organic feed in the dry seasons.

They graze in specific plots at our farm, wich enriches the soil, sequesters carbon, increases soil fertility and generates new growth. But with donkeys we collect their manure and add it to our home-made worm compost, wich in turn, will fertilize our seedlings and trees.

Meet our donkeys – they are sweet, love a head rub and will call out for you from the one side of the farm to the other.

Tip: They will come to you if you give them fresh greens!


Means ‘lightweight’ in a fond way in Portuguese

Levinho has been with us for a very long time and  when this donkey runs to you for a rub on the head – you are bound for instant joy.

Rescued in 2010
Passed away with old age in 2020


Means stork in Portuguese

She is stubborn, dominant and fierce. But we love her. She loves pets on her forehead and if you come to her with fresh greens the bond is instant. 

Rescued in 2017



Kiko is our latest rescue so he is still adapting to his environment.However he loves people a lot and is always ready for a forehead massage.

Rescued in 2020

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