Our sheep

There is a method is called Holistic Planned Grazing – a well researched and sustainable method of raising animals that allows them to regularly graze on fresh pasture. Which in return enriches the soil, sequesters carbon, increase soil fertility and generates new growth. 

Vale da Lama’s sheep consist of Alentejo Merino. We rotate the heard around the land with movable fences through designated plots.They are mostly grass fed however we must supplement with straw bales and organic feed during the dry mediterranean summer season.


Our little band of weeding woolies has always been around trough the years at Vale da Lama. They greet guests and visitors with their unique sounds and furry faces. And if you are lucky, our more daring sheep will come to you for a rub on the head.

They are mostly nomadic, meaning they are always somewhere around the farm but their permanent home is near the orange orchards next to Casa Vale da Lama.


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