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PND – Projecto Novas Descobertas annually offers numerous actions on empowerment and regenerative practices.

PND is a non-profit educational and recreational association, based on the west part of the Farm (Campo do Vale), integrated in the admirable agricultural landscape of Alvor estuary.

Believes that to solve today’s social and environmental problems, our society needs solutions beyond sustainability: innovative and comprehensive solutions that change the perception about our role as beings that are part of nature.

Develops activities for varied publics, with an educational focus, promoting a self-regulated and group learning, integrated in nature. Their annual activities plan includes the following Programs:

Their activities include the following Programs:


Awareness and Regeneration 

Opportunities for direct contact with Nature’s cycles and materials, through social, artistic, recreational and sport activities that awaken a sense of  wonder and questioning, opening doors to a more ecological and active attitude.

Includes Camps during holidays; Days at the Farm – Field Trips for schools and groups; and Free Time Activities throughout the year. 

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Regenerative Tools

Courses and workshops that allow for a principle based and progressive construction of knowledge and regenerative skills. These programs areas of focus are: youth leadership and group facilitation, as well as Permaculture Design and Ecosystem Regeneration.

Include the Permaculture Design Course with focus on collaborative design; the Training Permaculture Teachers  according to Rosemary Morrow curriculum; New Discoveries Training: Animation and Leadership for Regeneration, for youth and youth workers; and a annual cycle of different Workshops.

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Regeneration in Practice

Opportunities to integrate the learning community and teams of PND and Vale da Lama, and to learn in practice how to: collaborate as a team, take part in work routines, develop and implement activities, as well as to ground profissional regenerative practices. 

Includes the New Discoveries Internships and Volunteers.



Action in Partnership

Activities in partnership with bioregional and/or international organizations, to offer the stage to pilot new paradigms in living, collaborating and learning together. An intention to move into the real world with the abilities and empowerment we need to make a regenerative impact.

Includes the Interships in Sustainable Jobs in and with VDL; the Ecosystem Regeneration Camps  and Permaculture Camps, in partnership with VDL and ORLA DESIGN; the INTERNATIONAL WORK CAMPS with IPDJ – Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude; the Community Catalysts an european consortium as PND with ORLA DESIGN.  

PND is always available and motivated to establish new partnerships and participate in projects that aim towards the development and regenerative response of our bioregion.

At the core of this association are the values of inclusion, diversity and innovation, as well as the aspiration to contribute to a society that is active in the regeneration between the human being and its natural landscape. 

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