The grape harvest and togetherness day at the farm


A journey through the grape harvest experience on a regenerative organic farm, Quinta Vale da Lama

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On 24 August 2023, the sun rose over Quinta Vale da Lama, heralding a day of sharing and conviviality with the sweet aroma of ripe grapes ready to be picked.

The gathering

It was a different morning from the usual routine. As the day began, the team assembled with a single purpose in mind: to pick grapes. It was an opportunity for everyone to connect, share experiences, learn from one another, share stories, socialize, and of course, have a few laughs.

The harvest

In just a matter of hours, this dedicated team worked harmoniously to gather over 300 kilograms of grapes, a beautiful blend of white and black varieties.

Some testimonials from the interns:

For some interns, it was the first time they had taken part in the grape harvest. Here are their testimonies:

“My first vindima experience was wonderful. I especially loved the coming together of generations, the experience of being in community and achieving a goal together was beautiful.” — Rosie

“This was my first experience in a grape harvesting day. It started early in the morning, where beautiful people gathered to help with the harvest. The grapes where the sweetest ones I’ve ever tasted.” — Marta

“The vindima at Quinta Vale da Lama was my first experience harvesting grapes. It was an activity which brought us shared joy and a sense of togetherness for the day.” — Jenna

“It was a nice day of team spirit and my first vindimas as well, which was a nice experience.” — Signe

A day of togetherness

Grape Harvest day at Quinta Vale da Lama was more than just a day of labor; it was a day of building memories, forging connections, and savoring the fruits of collective effort. As the sun set on this special day, it left behind not just a bountiful harvest but a sense of togetherness that will linger in the hearts and minds of all those who participated. Grapes were harvested, but even sweeter were the memories created that day.

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Written by: VDL Team

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