Regenerative Organic Farm

Regenerate • Grow • Nourish • Educate • Return

Regenerative Organic Farm

Regenerate • Grow • Nourish • Educate • Return

A Regenerative Organic Farm is about:



NOURISHING the community

EDUCATING generations

RETURNING to nature

PND Permaculture Month


Browse through Project New Discoveries activities and workshops for this month
dedicated to Permaculture and Sustainability

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Become an Intern


Live and learn on regenerative organic farm in a six month program

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Quinta Vale da Lama’s Story

“This story starts many years ago, in the faraway lands of America. Walt, a visionary with many dreams, runs a family business in the USA and Canada. Nita, a Portuguese socially engaged community worker, is working with homeless people and families in need.

Walt and Nita, farm owners, meet in 1987 and start dreaming with their potential impact in creating a better world. Together they are willing to invest their resources and skills in something positive and useful; not only for themselves, but for the planet and humanity.

Inspired by traditional portuguese culture and willing to live closer to nature so they decide to move to Portugal and develop a project that would benefit people from diverse backgrounds. Providing learning experiences for kids and supporting families with their needs. “

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