wild zymu foods

Fermented Foods that support both your gut biome, soil health and the  local community.


(zymu: comes from the greek “zymurgy”, an applied science that studies the biochemical process of fermentation and its practical uses)

A Wild Natural Fermentation Laboratory created by Maria Fermentário.

Fermented products with high therapeutic value are born from it. They are gourmet products that immerse us in a journey of strong flavors, unique aromas and fascinating colors, and that contain the wise ancestral knowledge of traditional cultures around the world.

The food processing area at Quinta do Vale da Lama emerged as a rationale for taking advantage of the surplus from vegetable gardens and orchards. In 2021, it became autonomous as a ‘micro business’ in a partnership with Quinta do Vale da Lama (Lagos) and joined Cooperativa Integral da Terra (Rogil), where it gained a new relationship with the local community. It changed its name to Wild Zymu. It stands out for its range of fermented products of high therapeutic value.

Produzidos com ingredientes biológicos, maioritariamente locais e sazonais (da Quinta do Vale da Lama e Quinta das 6 Marias, entre outros produtores locais bio), os nossos produtos são feitos segundo métodos de produção artesanal.

Produced with organic ingredients, mostly local and seasonal (from Quinta do Vale da Lama and other local organic producers), our products are made using artisanal production methods.

Fermented Products:
Sauerkraut, Kimchi, kombucha, black garlic, hot sauces

Pomegranate, Physalis, piri-piri, fruit

Sweets & Jams

Fruit Juices

Sauces & Condiments:
Vinaigrette, Pesto and Chili, and more

Maria Fermentário

Maria Fermentário

Fermentation Alchemist

Maria is a long time friend and partner of Quinta Vale da Lama. She’s a true alchemist of the kitchen: experimenting with new techniques, perfecting recipes, delivering great products and bringing better health to the world with her magic hands.


Also sold at:


Hortelã-Pimenta (Lagos) 

Salema Eco Camp (Vila do Bispo)

Casa Vale da Lama (Lagos)

Mar de Histórias (Lagos)

ROOTS Aljezur (Aljezur)



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