wild zymu foods

Fermented Foods that support both your gut biome, soil health and the  local community.

Wild Zymu Foods produces fermented, good for the gut and delicious foods and it is the latest business partner of Quinta Vale da Lama.

It was born many years ago with the intention of processing excess products from the gardens and orchards of the farm and supporting the resident artisans – though at the time it was named “do Vale”.

Now, Maria Fermentário, a former volunteer and collaborator at Quinta Vale da Lama, has taken over this micro-business, betting on fermented products of high therapeutic value.

This brand was created for Maria’s products with the intention of mirroring her light, imaginative and creative spirit, while keeping in it’s essence the shared values of sustainablity and regeneration of Quinta and Maria.

This partnership is a symbiosis between our organic gardens and Maria Fermentário’s kitchen, where excess crops from the gardens arrive every week ready to be processed and fermented into foods sold in our Farm Shop, local markets and eco-friendly boutique stores.

The WILD ZYMU product range is:

Unique Batch – made from small amounts of ingredients where Maria uses her experimental creativity to create limited edition products;

With the Seasons – products prepared when certain ingredients are in season, such as citrus sweets. Stock is limited and is only replenished in the following season’s cycle;

Staple – products always available and made from perfected, fail-safe recipes that Maria is proud and satisfied with. And because of their keen attention to detail and passion, you can be sure these products are delicious.


Maria Fermentário

Maria Fermentário

Fermentation Alchemist

Maria is a long time friend and partner of Quinta Vale da Lama. She’s a true alchemist of the kitchen: experimenting with new techniques, perfecting recipes, delivering great products and bringing better health to the world with her magic hands.


Also sold at:


Hortelã-Pimenta (Lagos) 

Salema Eco Camp (Vila do Bispo)

Casa Vale da Lama (Lagos)

Mar de Histórias (Lagos)

ROOTS Aljezur (Aljezur)



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