From Permaculture to App Development

Quinta Vale da Lama has many faces and many styles, but one thing is true: we love doing things our own way.

These are some of the ‘Big Words’ we try to integrate into the project.
Find out how and why we’ve been using each tool below.



Our biggest driving force here at the farm is making sure we are regenerating our soils, instead of depleting them. From trees to animals, water to compost, all we do is in the name of regeneration.

Permaculture Design

We utilise permaculture design in almost every aspect of our farm.
Read more about how, where and why?

Holistic planned grazing

The animals at the farm follow a carefully designed plan of grazing on our land. From the south slopes to the north side of our farm, the sheep, the chickens and the donkeys have their life all figured out.


How we care for the soils, the trees, the animals is also transported to how we care for our people. Find out more about the way we work with each other and what makes living here so special.

respecting tradition

Our farm has a past rooted in tradition and old-fashioned ways of taking care of the land. Now, some ways are antiquated, but there are still some that are useful and prized in our project. Find out more!

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