Television show on

RTP 1 –

25th March 2023


On March 25th 2023 an episode of the television program “Missão: 100% Português” (Mission: 100% Portuguese) was broadcasted on the TV channel: RTP1 – and one of the projects featured in the episode was Vale da Lama.

For those who don’t know it, it’s a beloved program at a National level because the well-known presenters (João Rodrigues and Vera Kolodzig) have a friendly competition among them and go to discover everything that is produced in the four corners of the country and that can and should be proudly a preference of all. It is a program that challenges the Portuguese to use what is national and to be proud of it. Then at the end of the episode, they announce the winning product from that area, which by chance in this episode, was the Vale da Lama in the Algarve. We are delighted and grateful that they appreciate what we do, but the main purpose of the program is to showcase the many wonderful projects throughout Portugal. And they do it very well with much genuineness and commitment.

That said, we share an excerpt from the episode focused on the Vale da Lama project, with English subtitles, where we can get to know a little better our true mission for this project that is Vale da Lama.

If you want to see the complete episode with all the intervenients (45min duration) click here

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