Permaculture Design

At Quinta VAle da Lama

“… with Mother Nature as mentor, we CAN design ecosystems of ever-growing abundance.” 

What is Permaculture Design?

Founded on the ethical triad of “Earth Care/ People Care/ Fair Share,” and guided by a set of principles proven to work in any context, Permaculture Design is an approach for designing ecosystems that are Effective, Efficient and Ecologically sound.


Why Do We Care?

Because of the core observation that while bad design results in a constant state of energy deficit and overflowing waste, we can do more with less by mimicking patterns that have survived the test of natural selection over time.

What does it mean in our context?

Occupying a special niche in the ecosystem of touristic Algarve, the farm is uniquely well-positioned to bring people together in an environment that is both rich in natural resources and yet easily accessible to all. This has enabled us to build a platform that makes “Living & Learning Closer to Nature” quite a natural process indeed.

How do we do it?

Since the first PDC (Permaculture Design Course) it hosted in 2008/09, the farm’s development has been greatly informed and energized by the PDCs, ERCs (Ecosystem Regeneration Camps) and other collaborative design events that are now an intrinsic part of its culture.

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