Soil Helpers

Farm Wormery

Our farm wormery is where – you guessed it – we grow worms!

Soil Helpers is where we craft our worm castings and worm fertilizers, and you can buy these products on our Road Side Veggie Stall, as well as at Lagos Local Markets.

This partnership was created when our Holistic Farm Manager, Ricks, decided to put to practice something he read on a book.
Lo and behold, it worked amazingly and now his products are all that we use on our garden beds, trees and seedlings.

These products are 100% made with materials from our farm, 100% organic and chemical free.

Come find out more about it:


Worms for Soil Workshop

Every Thursday from 16:00 to 18:00.
12 € per person


Ricardo “Ricks” Gomes

Farm Manager & Animal Care

Crafter at Soil Helpers

Back in the early days of the farm, Ricks was a young volunteer, wanting to change his life, find meaning and a like minded community.
And aparently he found it, beacuse he hasn’t left the farm since then.
His skills and potentcial shined trough and the farm hired him to take care of our animals, and ever since hes been a part of new projects and ideas in every corner of the farm. 
He is passionate about sustainabilty and animals.
He lives in the farm with his loyal dog, Chill.

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