The ecological tourism farm where you rest in total contact with nature

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1st September 2021


” The ecological tourism farm where you rest in total contact with nature

Quinta Vale da Lama is perfect for those who want to escape the stress and bustle of the city. In addition, it is a 100 percent environmentally friendly space.

It is at the eastern end of the Municipality of Lagos, in the Algarve, precisely among the urban spots of Lagos and Portimão that a farm has been regenerated since 2015, which saves space for everything you want to rest. There are more than 40 hectares of an incredible landscape, marked by nature and that has a unique view of the Ria do Alvor.

It’s called Quinta Vale da Lama and is one of the great proposals for rural tourism for those looking for a quiet holiday, away from the confusion and crowds of the city.

All this, of course, in an especially environmentally friendly environment.”On Thursday we try to reduce the ecological footprint, support the circular economy and the regeneration of ecosystems,” begins by explaining to NiT the owner of Casa Vale da Lama, Nita Barroca. “We have solar panels, photovoltaics, sewage system with natural treatment, ecological detergents and shampoos in the rooms, rainwater harvesting with cistern and pond, use of water for irrigation of green spaces. The cleaning of the pool is also done through a salinization process.”

To further reinforce this eco-friendly dimension of Casa Vale da Lama, the heating of all space and water to the showers is completely done with solar panels and fireplace. And even in case there is no sun or firewood, natural gas is used. In addition to the environmental aspect, the entire farm maintains a great focus on the concept they call “from Vegetable Garden to Dish”. This is related to the fact that “Bio vegetables and fruits are mostly produced on the farm, then going directly to the restaurant. With the surpluses, jams, vinegars, kombucha, piri-piri, kimchi, and other processed products are also produced that customers can consume during their stay or buy to take to their homes,” reveals the businesswoman of the tourist project.


Full of details designed for those who want to rest away from the rush of large cities, this sustainable tourism farm has nine rooms with 48 square meters and space to sleep four people (two in the mezzazine and the other two on the ground floor). All rooms have a minimalist design and, of course, are equipped with up-cycled furniture. This means that natural building materials and restored furniture have been used, which is synonymous with comfort and, of course, beauty.

Upon entering the rooms, windows from ceiling to floor await you overlooking nature. Small ponds, lawns, trees and even the private courtyard can be seen soon. In the latter, a hammock bed and a armchair are arranged, which connects the room and the lawn with salt pool that Casa Vale da Lama offers to go to baths, especially on the hottest days of summer.

Still on the room, guests are offered a biodegradable biodegradable shampoo and soap that has not been tested on animals. All the water consumed in showers and washbasins is then recovered and treated on the farm to be reused in plant watering.

Likewise, toilet waters are also treated on the farm, in a process that does not use chemicals, but plants that remove impurities from the waters. Then this water returns again to the toilets, but now crystal clear and without any kind of bad smells. That is, waste: zero.


Quinta Vale da Lama also has a space to receive groups for retreats and other events and also a vegetarian and vegan restaurant, in which the vast majority of vegetables, herbs and biofruits grown in the space are used. Regarding the experiences prepared for guests staying overnight on the farm, they were all designed to immortalize the memories lived at Quinta Vale da Lama.

Yoga (private class, 50€; group class, 10€), surfing on the Algarve west coast and massage are three of the most requested experiences by guests in space. However, there is an activity that is really difficult to find and that is the highlight of the farm: permaculture. It costs 25€ with lunch included and promises to make known everything that involves this nature-friendly philosophy, which consists of working for and not against the environment. Exchanged for kids, it’s a way to encourage people to work with nature on more sustainable and eco-friendly projects.

A quiet, sustainable place, full of characteristic ideas for those looking to rest in communion with nature. But also supportive. Quinta Vale da Lama has hosted, since 2001, the New Discoveries project: a non-profit educational and recreational association, founded by Nita Barroca to “integrate children, youth and adults from all social strata, regardless of race, religion or culture, providing moments when they felt confident and integrated.”

The inclusion experiences involve dynamizing an area of Quinta Vale da Lama where holiday camps are hosted and the training of animators is worked. Other activities are also energized that, through practical experience on Thursday, will deliver to all those who live the association’s projects “tools to bring to life”, as explained by the entrepreneur of Quinta Vale da Lama.

In practical terms, the minimum stay on this farm located just over two kilometers from the beach is two nights. Values in high season start at 320€ for two people (two nights) and can go up to 350€ (four adults for two nights). You can book through the Booking platform, or telephone contact 913 485 568.

If you still have doubts, know that the unit has received extremely positive reviews on platforms such as TripAdvisor, where you can read the most varied compliments to the whole concept of space and nature around you: “Casa Vale da Lama is the ideal place for those looking for tranquility, relax and escape confusion. Here you can breathe a relaxed, quiet and familiar atmosphere”, or else “We like it so much and feel so good there that since we checked in to check out we didn’t leave the farm, not even to visit the city and the beaches of Lagos.”

How to get there

Although it is within the municipality of Lagos, Quinta Vale da Lama is located just over nine kilometers (about 19 minutes by car) from the center of this Algarve city and at a distance of 11 minutes by car from Meia Praia. There are several ways to get to your destination, but the simplest trip crosses a section of the N125. Get to know the route through the friend of all hours Google Maps.”


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