A new beginning


With the passage of this year’s shortest day, we reflect on what’s new here in Vale da Lama.

The beginning of the end? Or the end of the beginning?

Depends on how you look at it. I imagine some of our neighbours will view that mechanical monster-arm as yet another signpost on the road to ruin of our landscape. Yet, as always, that is but one limited perspective on reality, so let’s zoom in for a closer look.

Open-heart surgery:

Like watching a loved one go under the knife, it is hard to see this place that has held so many lively events and dear people in its loving embrace, now in such a state of deshabille. Knowing as I do what is to emerge from this demolition, I wish I could comfort you all with promises such as…

… the indoor “natatorium”;

… the “wide room for different purposes such as yoga”;

… the new E-wing of family suites, etc.

But promises are a dime a dozen, and if they were all horses, then every charlatan would ride. No, let’s us focus for the moment on just what IS.

The end of the beginning:

Under the rainbow that appears with the passing of the storm (well, it was more like a light shower that gave birth to this beauty yesterday, but still :-), there lies a field of possibility in which wonderful things have begun to grow already -some of which i must go now to nurture. But finally: don’t take my word for it; instead, you must come and see for yourself. There’s a 2024 schedule of farm activities and OpenDay events to be published, so watch [this space] for news, and meanwhile: Happy New Year!

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Written by: Walt Ludwick

Regenerative Farmer, Operations, and Owner.

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