Seasonal, local and 100% organic produce

See how you can collect our products. We do not make home deliveries.

Certified organic gardens

Our gardens follow the principles of organic farming, using methods that prioritize environmental sustainability, biodiversity promoting soil health, and the absence of synthetic chemicals or genetically modified organisms.

Regenerative agriculture

We work actively to improve and restore the health of soils and ecosystems. We use methods such as cover cropping, crop rotation, composting and holistic grazing to build soil organic matter, increase biodiversity, conserve water, and sequester carbon.

Water-saving systems

The lack of water is a reality in the Algarve and a major concern for all of us. As such, we have several systems in place for collecting and saving water from our farm.

Holistic Planned Grazing

The sheep, donkeys, chickens and worms help us to regenerate quality soils and promote long-term ecological balance, support local communities, and produce healthy, nutrient-rich food.

Where can you find our organic produce?

Seasonal, local and organic

Internship in the farm - Organic Market Gardening

Viv’o Mercado Lagos Organic Market

Every Wednesday from 5 pm @ Lagos

Viv’o Mercado is the Wednesday market focused on the promotion of organic farming, local products, handicrafts and a social area with entertainment.

Schedule and directions

Every Wednesday
4 pm until 8 pm (winter)
5 pm until 9 pm (summer)

Rua Mercado do Levante 8600-718 Lagos
(Next to the Bus Station)
Google map

Internship in the farm - Organic Market Gardening

Levante Lagos Market

Every Saturday from 8 am @ Lagos

The Levante Market was established in 1974 to help small agricultural producers. Here you can find a little bit of everything.

Schedule and directions

Every Saturday
From 8 am until 2 pm

Rua Mercado do Levante 8600-718 Lagos
(Next to the Bus Station)
Google map

Get the weekly list of seasonal produce and collect your veggie box at our farm!

Join the WhatsApp group and receive the weekly list of our vegetables.

How does it work?

Step 1 – Free registration

Start by registering in the form

Step 2 – WhatsApp Group

After registration, you will be added to the WhatsApp group

Step 3 – Receive the list (every Mondays)

Every Monday a list of available products will be sent to the group you have just joined

Step 4 – Send your order

Then you just need to send your list with the products you want to collect

Step 5 – Pick up at Quinta Vale da Lama

Collect your custom veggie box at the schedule available at Quinta Vale da Lama – Wednesday and Friday afternoons.

Schedule currently available for the collection of the baskets:

Quinta Vale da Lama

Wednesday and Friday afternoon.

Seasonal, local and organic

You are one step closer to falling in love with our vegetables & fruits


We believe that regenerating our own health, begins essentially in our food. Transitioning to a sustainable way of eating can be simply choosing localy grown veggies. By supporting local growers you are not only supporting your own health, but also your community and help fight climate change.

Our gardens are certified organic and utilize regenerative practices and water-saving systems to grow high quality produce. All the produce is  grown on-farm without any chemical inputs with the added magic of living soils – this where the power of regeneration lies because healthy soils promote adequate produce nutrition and balanced ecosystems.

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