Regenerative Agriculture

At Quinta VAle da Lama

“Because Sustainability isn’t enough.” 

– Ludwick, Walt

What is Regenerative Agriculture?

It is the business of growing crops in such a way as to enrich the resource base on which their production depends.

In doing so, we are also fighting the climate crisis by pulling carbon from the atmosphere and sequestering it in the ground, where it is transformed from a liability into an asset.



shifts the paradigm


Compete with Nature Partner with Nature
Disturb Soil Protect soil
Monoculture Diversity
Reductionist Holistic


Why Do We Care?

Because sustainability is not enough; we must go beyond, to reverse the damage that’s been done and ensure a good future for humanity.

What does this means in our context?

The “weak link” in our particular climate zone being water, so we are focused on building up organic matter in the topsoil. This carbon mass acts as a sponge to retain water at a level where plants -and the microbiota that feeds their roots- can access it.


How We Do It:

There are many aspects to this practice, but the essence of it is to keep the soil covered with living plants as much as possible, and to return all organic “wastes” -crop residues, pruned branches, table scraps, manure, etc.- back into soil as quickly as possible.

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