A Co-Created Landscape Design


To begin the design process for the North-Slope of the rain-fed part of the farm, an area that wishes to become an innovated Agro-silvo-pastoral system (Pomar Misto de Sequeiro) that proves truly regenerative within the Mediterranean drylands, a co-design moment with the staff members & owners of Quinta do Vale da Lama was facilitated this summer by OrlaDesign for the WaterWise Dryland Regeneration project.

The collective mind allows for creativity to emerge through ideas, visions, preferences and the direct lived experience of people and Land. Dwelling in the Land we transform our relationship with spaces, and from it a place emerges and starts to reveal their meaning and potential expression.

Silently discovering and unfolding new stories as the land shows itself to us, with its contours, colours, shapes, character and creative potential. For such exploration we based our work on the “WeLand – Making Sense of Place” cards, a tool that OrlaDesign is co-creating and that allows for connecting with the landscape as embedded activators. Approaching it objectively and subjectively.

Landscape units were devised and to each one meaning was harvested, the collective inputs from staff members within their roles and also outside their roles as experiential actors, allowed for a multi-focus process where economic values, ecological drivers, social integrity and aesthetic insights were highlighted.

The synthesis provided a patterned language for each landscape unit and gave an identity that emerged from the collective harvest of perceptions, beliefs and wishes. These were the seeds to begin a more in-depth design process where the highlights are being evaluated and put into detailed manifestation.

In later posts we will describe more in detail the NorthSlope Waterwise Dryland Regeneration project and its updates.

Stay tuned, and dwell…

Hugo Oliveira


Written by: Quinta Vale da Lama Team

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