What makes Q. Vale da Lama unique?


The question comes up when they try to understand what makes a project like this stand out? This project is in constant metamorphosis: as there are always new ideas to sow, projects growing and fruits of their labor to harvest and trandform into something posotive for the local community.

Unique? They like to belive so. They are passionate, all of them, for nature, the land, the trees and animals.
They are curious and always trying to understand the why’s. Challenging  the rules, questioning the systems and proposing solutions: “The problem is the solution.” They are careful. If there is someting that they refuse to do is to cause harm – harming their land, harming their trees or their animals, harming the ecosytems… They refuse it. They act on compassion: if they must harm it must be for a really good reason and the main priority is finding options. They are honest with what they know and what they don’t. They are teachers of ecological and social responsability, yet theyr don’t teach, they show how.

Sustainability is their commintment.

Organic, local, seasonal, ecological, biodegradable, fair trade… There are many labels and names. But they don’t identify with any beacause they are unique. The best for the land isn’t as obvious as it may seem. It starts from our actions, to what we eat, to what we buy, to what we support. And it’s not always about choosing  the organic, and it’s not always choosing the biodegradable. It is what makes sense to us, it’s choosing whats close to us, it’s choosing what makes sense economically, it’s choosing what we know. And nothing is wrong or right, if we give our best.

They are Quinta Vale da Lama, a place to learn how to live in harmony with the land.


Written by: VDL Team

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