Pruning at the Olive Groove


This year we had the privilege to have with us a great master of trees, Peter Zin, taking care of the olive trees in the northwest part of the farm. The olive grove was already beautiful for the majestic of the old trees, and it turned even more beautiful, now more accessible, and potentially more productive when it comes the olive harvest season, we hope. And we learned so much with the presence of this man and his connection with the trees…!

We did the cleaning of thief branches, in certain cases small entire wild olives, around the main trunks. We also pruned the old branches and the ones that point not favorable directions to the development of the trees or the harvests. This made the shape of the trees more visible, authentic natural sculptures, and new spaces we didn´t imagine that existed emerged.

To walk under their shade, so much desired in this Mediterranean climate, to make a picnic or even a work meeting, or simply contemplate nature and enjoy live open doors, and specially to have good olives and olive oil, we have a reborn olive grove!


Written by: VDL Team

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