The story we live in our relationship with Nature


Beyond the individual narratives or stories we tell ourselves, we are all also part of larger collective stories that shape the behavior of our species.

Bravura dam, Odiáxere – Portugal

In our present era, ecological collapse stands as a paramount obstacle. While we have historically turned to science, politics, and business to find solutions, perhaps we also need to be looking to storytelling, says Damon Gameau in his inspiring talk that you can find below.

Is it possible to retelling the old but new story between humans and nature and their intrinsic relationship?

How do narratives contribute to tackling climate change and the loss of biodiversity?

How do stories help address the profound challenges that planet Earth urgently needs?

What influence does storytelling have on my life or the lives of others and what impact will it have on the future of our species?

Our internal and external stories we tell ourselves play a significant role in shaping our behavior and perceptions. But there exists a more extensive network of collective stories that profoundly influence the way our species behaves. — In essence, our behaviour is not solely driven by our individual perspectives, but is also deeply intertwined with the broader narratives that have evolved over time and continue to impact the trajectory of our society and civilization as a whole.

So if I agree that we are in a middle of an unimaginable ecological crisis, what story am I saying to myself and what actions am I taking towards a positive transformation in our world?

The Bravura dam

At the beginning of this blog post you can see an image that is an aerial photograph of the Bravura dam located about 16 kilometres away from Vale da Lama. What individual story does it play on your head by seeing this photo? Is it a dam almost empty? Or are you seeing the pine plantations above, the more natural forests behind, and the regenerative potential of this beautiful Monchique watershed to support life down here on the coast? — There are many possible narratives, which one is yours?

There is an inspiring story emerging from this dam. This is an important regeneration and restoring project to combat the dramatic water shortage crisis in the Western Algarve (at the moment it retains only 10% of its water and is the dam with the least water in the country).
— Take a look at “Oxalá Bravura” project and If it resonates with you, then you can also be part of this transformative journey, where every step is guided by the principles of regenerative practices, water stewardship, the revival of biodiversity, and the nourishment of local communities.

Kevin’s story

As we’re reflecting on the importance and impact of our narratives towards a future that goes hand in hand with the planet, I’d also like to share a testimony from Kevin, who completed the 6-month residential internship: Live and learn on a regenerative organic farm – here in Vale da Lama. See how his story changed his perspective and guided him towards a new life.

Damon Gameau and his inspiring talk

The Australian filmmaker – Damon Gameau – made this inspiring and passionate TedTalk,in fact, it was this talk that inspired me to write this blog post. He calls for a new story that acknowledges our interdependence with the environment and progresses towards a thriving, regenerative future. 

It’s 14 minutes… I know. But allow this invitation to watch this incredible talk which I consider a reference worth sharing:

It’s worth mentioning the documentary film also directed by and starring Damon Gameau entitled: “2040” – An aspirational journey to discover what the future could look like if we simply embraced the best that exists today. This is the narrative the next generation needs to see, to aspire to, and to believe is possible.

In conclusion, there are many regenerative stories emerging in reaction to the degenerative stories that seem to be our dominant cultural pattern… And it’s up to us to choose which one we want to get involved with.

If you made it this far… You’re part of this ReGeneration story already!

Live and learn on a regenerative organic farm
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Written by: VDL Team

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